Denmark Turf Rules


We welcome you to our stadium and are excited to have you as a guest in our facility. We have a few rules and procedures that we ask you to follow to help ensure our field retains its appearance and playability.

Sprint Turf Rules:

  • Only water may be used for hydration while on the turf.
  • No Food, Drinks, or Gum on the playing surface.
  • No Tobacco products of any kind.
  • No Sunflower Seeds
  • No Drumline, Band, or Color Guard activity that uses fire.
  • Do not drag anything on the field, please roll or carry everything.
  • Golf carts and gators may be used to get equipment to your sideline before and after the game only, drivers must enter and exit slowly and avoid sharp turns.

Thank you for adhering to these policies,

Jamie Corr

Athletic Director